Toxicology Studies

AIBMR has an exclusive partnership worldwide for the natural products and functional foods industries with Toxi-Coop Toxicological Research services located in Budapest, Hungary. They are a GLP, OECD, EU/EC, FDA-compliant toxicology studies lab.

Their primary services cater to EU pharmaceutical companies and REACH program companies (ecotoxicology studies). They conduct studies in collaboration with AIBMR for our clients. Often, these studies are conducted in order to evaluate the safety of novel ingredients to be sold for the first time in foods and dietary supplements.

AIBMR generally publishes the results of these studies in academic journals specializing in toxicology such as Food and Chemical Toxicology, International Journal of Toxicology, Regulatory Pharmacology and Toxicology, and Toxicology. Such publications have often gone on to support safety assessments for GRAS Self-determination/FDA GRAS Notifications and to satisfy the common knowledge element of the GRAS standard.

Our toxicological studies service capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Acute Studies
  • Dose Range Finding Studies
  • Sub-Chronic Studies
  • Chronic Studies
  • Reproduction Toxicology Studies
  • Developmental Toxicology Studies
  • AMES Bacterial Reverse Mutation Studies
  • Chromosomal Aberration Studies
  • Mouse Micronucleus Studies (in vivo)
  • L5178 Mouse Lymphoma Studies
  • Ecotoxicology Studies